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One event reigns supreme in the customer experience industry – Customer Contact Week (CCW) Las Vegas. Produced and hosted by market intelligence firm Customer Management Practice (CMP), CCW is the ultimate gathering for CX experts and enthusiasts worldwide.

This June, The Pollack Group (TPG) represented CMP at its flagship event. In preparation for CCW Las Vegas, TPG orchestrated a multifaceted campaign encompassing strategic PR, dynamic social media efforts, and influential partnerships. TPG’s on-site presence and meticulous planning not only heightened the event’s excitement but also significantly boosted its visibility and engagement.

Media Relations

Building on the momentum of TPG’s successful 2023 media relations strategy for this event, the TPG PR team crafted and distributed event news releases, as well as provided essential materials to sponsors and award winners. The team orchestrated a partnership with CX Chronicles, securing them the official podcast sponsor of CCW Las Vegas. The team was on-site supporting the podcast as it interviewed key speakers and prominent attendees as well as coordinating with members of the attending press. Additionally, the TPG team secured key speaker engagements such as David Glickman, CEO of Mint Mobile, and Jane Wells, CNBC Special Correspondent.

Social Media and Content Creation

The TPG social team was also on the ground with the goal of successfully increasing brand awareness, impressions, and engagements across numerous CCW social media channels through a dedicated organic social media initiative. Through photography, videography, and graphic design, the team created an ongoing stream of social media posts that were published to various CMP and CCW social channels throughout the event. These included, but were not limited to, keynote spotlights, quote graphics, and expo hall “stories.”

The TPG social team orchestrated sponsor and advisory board member testimonials where the team filmed and interviewed prominent customer experience (CX) speakers and industry leaders. Some of the notable names interviewed were Johnny C. Taylor, Andrea Jung, Ricardo Parodi, and Becky Ploeger. Overall, these efforts increased the CCW Instagram and LinkedIn account followings by 118% and 91.2% respectively.

Influencer Relations

The agency also activated an influencer program in which it partnered with popular CX influencers and tasked them with posting both static image and video content for their substantial followings. The agency sourced 4-time Top 25 Customer Success Influencer Kristi Faltorusso, who broadcasted her posts of CCW to her over 44,000 followers. Along with Kristi, the event was attended by prominent influencers in the CX space, such as Shep Hyken, Dennis Wakabayashi, and other local Las Vegas influencers with a potential reach of over 100,000 unique users.

Furthermore, TPG secured commentaries and mentions from several speakers at CCW, including Jon Taffer, host of the hit show “Bar Rescue,” and Rebecca Jarvis, an award-winning journalist and Chief Business, Technology, and Economics Correspondent at ABC News. These interactions increased potential organic social media engagement by over 750,000 users.

Through its work during the event, TPG was able to significantly increase every key metric for the CMP and CCW social media channels. Moreover, through the agency’s strategic initiatives, CMP and CCW achieved notable audience engagement increases across all platforms, including higher interaction rates and a surge in user-generated content.

Next up: CCW’s event in Nashville, Tennessee from October 23-25, 2024.