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By The Pollack Group

Establishing a strong public relations and earned media relations strategy can help increase a brand’s growth. It’s an effective and economical way to increase sales and positively grow a company’s presence.

Positive placements in reputable, third-party sources are a great way to establish trust among audiences. Whether it’s a simple Tweet about a brand or a lengthy article, having a popular and notable media source adds an extra layer of credibility when people are viewing these stories.

Here are five tips for growing a business with PR:

1. Be Your Own News Source

Establish a news area on the company’s website to highlight media mentions and create a place for people to look for those trusted sources. It’s essential for the company or brand to be its news source because it can control what type of messaging is shared and which angles are used for the brand’s presence. Consistently share news online and social to build brand awareness among consumers and establish the business as an expert within the industry.

2. Share Engaging Content

No matter if you’re writing a blog post or press release, content must be engaging, concise, and offer a solution that readers might be facing. This helps build authenticity and come across as more organic, which will resonate with audiences more deeply. Highlighting human interest stories, upcoming events, and sharing huge milestones is a great way to generate favorable news around a brand.

3. Be Authentic

As mentioned above, being authentic and staying true to the core ethos and values only builds a strong reputation among the media and public. Especially with what’s happening in society today – Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 – younger generations are analyzing brands more than ever on their messaging and are supporting them based on their value set.

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4. Establish a Media Network

Cultivating friendly relationships with reporters and journalists will help establish a brand. Having trustworthy sources of information is essential. Ultimately this creates a reputable brand for journalists and reporters to turn to as a source for greater exposure.

5. Be Present on Social Media

While it might not seem this way, having a strong social media presence is another channel for public relations. Sharing company news and information is a way to grow an online presence with the public. In particular, when negative comments appear on this platform, it gives the brand the ability to address any issue politely and then provide a solution.

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