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By The Pollack Group

Website traffic is an important marketing metric. More visitors means more chances for an impact, whether it be developing relationships or boosting sales. A sudden and sharp decline in traffic is cause for concern, since it can mean fewer opportunities to convert viewers to customers. Identifying the issue is one thing; diagnosing it can be much more tricky. Agency president Stefan Pollack, along with fellow members of the Forbes Agency Council, offers tips in the council’s latest article, ‘Is Your Business’ Website Traffic Declining? Here Are 14 Tips To Diagnose The Drop’. Read below for his tip, and click to see the full article.

8. Look At Your Bounce Rate

The first place to look is bounce rate to determine if traffic arrived but dropped off or if traffic never arrived in the first place. If the former, it’s time to look at design and navigation as well as website performance to figure out where the problem is. If the latter, then it’s time to review SEO and see if there was a change in the search algorithm that you can adjust for.