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By Morelia Cadenas

Struggling to stand out on social media? Social media is omnipresent in today’s business landscape, but not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Even professionals make mistakes, fall into traps, or overlook transformational strategies.

Here are four of the most notable social media mistakes made even by experts today.

1. Prioritizing Perfection Over Authenticity

Overthinking often leads to hesitation – the more you think about perfecting something, the less action you take, and the greater spiral of “potential ideas” begins to form. Instead of focusing on perfection, ask yourself, “What is the first step I can take to bring this idea to life?”

The most successful digital creators understand that a company’s key to differentiation lies in its ability to portray its values and services through compelling visuals and interactive language. Ways to help your accounts prosper could be through visual appeals or a consistent aesthetic that aligns with your vision.

2. Sacrificing Your Brand Identity to Replicate Trends

Be wary of trends. Joining emerging or ongoing trends can help build awareness, but results leave as quickly as they came. Simply repeating trends leads to inconsistency and unoriginality, causing your brand to blend in with the rest.

If used efficiently, these short-lived success stories can significantly generate long-term success by grabbing trend viewers and keeping these new followers engaged in your brand. Fortifying your brand’s purpose and identifying who your audience represents are essential steps to participate in trends without sacrificing your public image. Understanding your company’s identity will help add a little spice to your platform, allowing you to achieve your objectives creatively. Take Red Bull’s Athletes vs. Monster Army athletes. While Red Bull athletes dominate the extreme sports field industry, Monster sponsors athletes that include niche sports such as bull riding, golf, motorcycle racing, and board sports. Each brand emphasizes the unique characteristics of athletes in distinct sports fields, making it easy for their audience to differentiate between both.

3. Failing to Think Like Your Audience

Place yourself in their shoes. Remember that success is not about the company, but the people involved. To sustain success, it’s important to ensure that consumers feel understood and supported. This can be achieved by creating content that simplifies complex topics, so consumers don’t struggle with technical jargon. Your work should be welcoming and relatable, reflecting your company’s consideration for its customers.

4. Not Posting Interactive Content

One of the largest misunderstandings in social media creation is believing that more posts will attract more followers. In real life, repetitively sharing non-engaging content that fails to communicate your message or purpose effectively will only result in disinterest.

The objective for your company should be to establish a digital presence by creating a social media platform that efficiently reaches your desired audience. Fusing social movements into your content or encouraging public participation through interactive captions, questions, or calls to action can foster a connection with your brand and audience.