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Generation Zs reveal their 100 favorite brands – Business Insider

Millennials are slowly moving out of the picture, as brands turn their attention to Gen Z. Generation Zs are born after 1997 and prefer brands that are healthy, socially conscious, and connected with social influencers. New York youth-marketing firm Ypulse interviewed over 8,000 Gen Z customers on 332 brands – the top five brands include 1. YouTube 2. Doritos 3. Oreo 4. Netflix 5. Hershey’s.

Source: Business Insider

If you think Fortnite is just a video game, you’re missing the big picture – Fast Company

Fortnite has taken over video games since its launch. Fortnite’s huge success not only impacts the gaming industry but the future of media. The free-to-play game attracts 125 million registered users and more than 40 million of them play every month – from sixth graders to NBA all-stars. Fortnite is on the verge of a new form of entertainment as the game allows more than 100 million people to connect with real-life friends compete, spectate and experience in real time.

Source: Fast Company

Why the Future of Digital Marketing Lies in Automation and Live Chat – Adweek

Chatbots and mobile messaging are on the rise, and many businesses are realizing that it’s the best way to communicate with customers. Embracing this way of messaging offers companies a more efficient way of connecting. Studies show that by the end of this year, 78 percent of smartphone users will message every month. That number will only continue to grow – by 2021 mobile messaging apps will increase an additional 24 percent.

Source: Adweek

Before You Buy That Couch, an App Will Put It in Your Living Room – The New York Times

Augmented reality technology continues to expand into different industries. Recently, there’s been growing interest to give more shoppers the ability to view new furniture in their home. Furniture dealers have tried to take advantage through mobile apps like Ikea debuting its app called Ikea Place. Williams-Sonoma, the parent company of Pottery Barn and West Elm, views augmented reality as a transformative tool to improve its customer’s experience by offering better visualization.

Source: The New York Times