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By Abigail Foygelman

It’s survival of the fittest for marketers with huge holiday deals and endless promotion opportunities in full swing. While traditional magazine gift guides have been historically effective, when it comes to authentic and persuasive holiday promotions, nothing beats the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Between TikTok trends galore, to post-Covid shopper behavior, authentic and widespread consumer outreach is essential this December.

TikTok has over one billion active users and a unique algorithm that allows small creators to go viral, separating the social media titan from competing platforms. For brands, this provides the potential to garner exposure amongst interest-aligned users without having to pay top dollar for access to well-known TikTokers. In addition, the platform’s re-segmented audiences are a goldmine for influencer content because they allow you to get your brand and content in front of your target audience.

The pandemic also accelerated an unprecedented level of channel switching and brand loyalty disruption. 

“75% of consumers tried new shopping behaviors, with many of them citing convenience and value,” said Kelsey Robinson of McKinsey & Company at a recent Wall Street Journal summit. “39% of them, mainly millennials and Gen Z, deserted trusted brands for new ones.” This statistic demonstrates the curiosity and influence of younger consumers that are searching for brands that reflect their values. Using influencers with shared values with your company makes consumers more likely to resonate with your initiatives. Influencers have created long-standing relationships with their audiences. Promoting your product becomes personal, leveraging the deep marketing power of social proof and brand trust.

Quick tips and tricks for influencer marketing

• Identify your audience specifically. Be meticulous about your audience, your ideal customer, and those most likely to engage.

• Create a catchy campaign brief. Stay creative, and have something visually appealing and memorable to present an influencer. 

• Research creators. Know who you’re pitching and personalize your message.

• Support a cause. You want them to care about you! Know your ethos and consider the gift of giving to a person or organization in need.

Influencer marketing campaigns are a vital component of the critical holiday sales period. Play your cards right and build a buzz around your campaign, and you’ll have an audience waiting in line, online or in person.