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HuffPost, Breaking From Its Roots, Ends Unpaid Contributions – The New York Times

Since its founding nearly 13 years ago, The Huffington Post relied heavily on unpaid contributors, included aspiring writers, citizen journalists and celebrities. The website’s days of encouraging everyday citizens to report on the news are over. The company said, it’s immediately dissolving the self-publishing contributor’s platform.

Facebook Is Changing. What Does That Mean for Your News Feed? – The New York Times

Facebook introduced major changes on how it ranks posts, videos and photos that appear on users’ News Feeds. You’ll see more posts from friends and family, and fewer cooking videos and memes from publications. The algorithm reconfiguration is part of an effort by Facebook to help people spend time on the site in a more meaningful way.

Hyundai takes on Blue Monday with psychology experiment and video campaign to find the ‘most positive’ colour – The Drum

Hyundai’s new interactive campaign, Engineered for Positivity, launched a series of videos examining the potential of color to boost positivity and identify the most positive color. The campaign aims to help combat the effects of ‘Blue Monday,’ believed by researchers to be the most depressing day of the year.


Instagram Ads Are Basically Infomercials for Millennials – Racked

Scrolling through Instagram, ads have seamlessly appeared within your feed. These ads are the “As Seen on TV” products of a newer generation. Shoppers who would never purchase something “As Seen on TV” are buying into the hyper-targeted items from their feeds.


Mars marketing chief: ‘It’s probably never been a more challenging and disruptive time to be a marketer’ – CNBC

Currently, marketers are experiencing challenges as there are multiple options for communicating with customers. The candy manufacturer, Mars, evolved their marketing mix derived from data and evidence-based marketing to break through the clutter.