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Wall Street Journal ‘Read Yourself Better’ campaign aims to promote quality journalism – The Drum

The Wall Street Journal is taking steps to challenge readers to go beyond click-bait media and instead read content through its new brand campaign. The ‘Read Yourself Better’ campaign aims to place the WSJ as the destination for quality journalism, which will be supported across home, online video, social media, print, and display advertising. The 90-second TV campaign will be followed by a pop-up vending machine for people to ‘upgrade’ old magazines and newspapers for WSJ’s latest copy.

The ‘Beer Guy’ Moment Was Worth an Estimated $8M in Ads. Bud Light Tells How It Happened – NBC 4 Washington

During Game 5 of the World Series, a Washington Nationals fan was holding on to a Bud Light in each hand when he was hit in the chest with a home run ball. Within 48 hours, the internet hero turned to national TV ad star. Marketing experts say the “beer guy” moment could be worth an estimated $8 million for brand exposure and that we can expect to see more ads that seize on what they call viral events.

Adobe’s new app puts Photoshop inside your phone camera – Fast Company

This week, Adobe announced its new Photoshop Camera app for its big push into consumer software. A demo of Adobe’s new AI-powered camera app showed daytime photos that were made to look like they were shot at night, portrait photos turned into Andy Warhol-style pop art, and faces smeared with virtual paint to show team pride at sporting events. This launch is Adobe’s effort to bring its Sensei AI services to a consumer product.

Adobe photoshop phone camera feature
Source: Adobe

Apple, Disney and NBC all want to give you free streaming TV, but don’t expect the party to last – CNBC

Many new streaming services are launching now through the first half of 2020. With high competition, the companies involved are offering enticing deals to sign up for free. Apple, AT&T, Disney, and NBCUniversal hope to gain a large base of subscribers quickly, but eventually, these freebies will expire. So, if you’re thinking of cord-cutting soon now is the time to consider.

Most Instagrammable Locations – Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios searched high and low on Instagram to see which locations in each U.S. state have the highest number of hashtags. This map shows the top three from all 50 states. Can you guess which spots in your home state are the most Insta-worthy?

Verizion Fios most Instagram places

Source: Verizon Fios