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The NFL Had a Problem. Tide Helped Solve It – AdWeek

This year the NFL had to cancel its longstanding jersey swap for players due to the coronavirus. This tradition has grown in popularity in recent years when players trade their jerseys with peers they admire after a game. Tide, an NFL partner, came to the rescue by creating a program that allows players to have their jerseys cleaned and immediately sent to the player of their choice after the game. To tie it all together, a social media campaign with the players coincides with the initiative and an upcoming commercial featuring Peyton Manning.

Source: Tide

Twitch emerges as rising platform for beauty brands – Glossy

Twitch is stepping into the beauty industry. Michelle Phan, a beauty influencer and founder of Em Cosmetics, watches Twitch regularly and has recently merged the Twitch gaming world with beauty. Phan hosted a livestream on the video platform to play “League of Legends” with her fans, all while promoting the launch of her new Daydream Cushion foundation. Throughout the livestream, she had a bot add links-to-purchase to the chat, plus a commercial for the new foundation play during game breaks.

Source: Michelle Phan

Snapchat’s dancing hot dog returns for Election Day – The Verge

Election day is around the corner, and Snapchat’s favorite character, the dancing hot dog, is coming back to encourage people to vote. The hot dog character appeared recently for Vote Early Day but disappeared after the holiday. It’s set to appear again on Election Day dressed in an Uncle Sam-style outfit and twirling a sign asking users to find their polling area. If a user clicks the sign, they get linked to Snap’s “Before You Vote” tool to help them find a polling location and learn about the candidate on their ballot. 

Bad Bunny & Cheetos Unveil ‘Deja Tu Huella’ Campaign: ‘I’m Leaving My Mark in Many Ways’ – Billboard

Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican artist, and Cheetos joined forces for its “Deja Tu Huella” campaign, a multi-platform initiative to help lift up and celebrate the Latino community. The campaign is designed to rally the next generation and impact their culture, in which Cheeto’s and Bad Bunny’s Good Bunny Foundation will give $500,000 to the Hispanic community. The partnership will be revealed during the 2020 American Music Awards on November 22.