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Cadbury Proposes a Treasure Hunt. Archaeologists Are Horrified. – The New York Times

Cadbury is pushing a marketing stunt equating digging into a box of chocolates with digging up artifacts at heritage sites. The British confectioner recently marketed its Freddo Treasures chocolates with an ad campaign that encouraged customers to “grab your metal detector and go hunting for Roman riches” around Britain and Ireland. Archaeologists and museum curators were quick to object as looting protected archaeological sites shouldn’t be used as a ploy for tasting chocolate.

Instagram tests in-app shopping with Kylie Cosmetics, Nike and Huda Beauty – Glossy

Instagram’s shopping feature is making a big change. This week the social platform announced its launching a beta shopping program with over 20 beauty and fashion brands. This includes direct-to-consumer players that would test the ability to shop, check out, and manage orders all within the app. Prior to this, users could only swipe up on a product through Instagram Stories and be taken to the brand’s website to complete a purchase.

Facebook Wants to Feed Users More Local News. There Just Isn’t Enough of It. – The Wall Street Journal

Facebook is looking to increase its local-news offerings. A 2017 survey indicated that most of the social network’s users were eager for more news. However, Facebook is unable to share enough local-news as one-third of Americans live in a place where Facebook can’t aggregate the news. Today In is Facebook’s local-news aggregator which was just launched this last year and is only available in 400 cities through Facebook’s app.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Google’s Stadia Represents A Genuine, Real Threat To Xbox, PlayStation And Even Nintendo – Forbes

Google unveiled its gaming platform this week called Stadia. In the company’s words, the platform aims to unify all games, across all platforms, for all gamers – and it seems to be a major threat to Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo. Stadia gives consumers the ability to play any game on any screen, with all of the actual computing work done at an offsite data center.

Source: Google