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A Look at the Most Annoying Twitter Marketing Approaches (and How to Avoid Them) – Social Media Today

To launch a successful social media campaign on Twitter, companies should avoid using broad hashtags that are irrelevant to the post or trending topics. Instead, it’s best to conduct market research to ensure hashtags are curated for audiences throughout the overarching conversation. Other cheap tactics to avoid are follow-for-follow and automated DMs.

Source: Social Media Today

9 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Marketing and Marketers – Forbes

Executives shared their takes on marketing in the new normal. They emphasized the importance of being attuned to shifting customer needs. These marketers developed creative solutions to retain audience attention in overcrowded virtual spaces. 

Artificial Intelligence Strategies Startups Should Use to Grow – Entrepreneur

With increasing consumer demands for immediate responses, AI is a promising solution to optimize the customer experience. Chatbots and virtual assistants provide users with instantaneous assistance. Using AI to review large sets of data can shed light on consumer habits in an era of shifting expectations. 

3 Social Media Trends Impacting Marketing in 2022 – MarTech

Augmented reality allows brands to immerse customers in a curated experience. For instance, Ikea’s Studio App allows users to decorate a virtual space before purchase. Another rising trend is personalized marketing based on data consensually shared by consumers. Influencer marketing allows brands to put a face to their name, adding a humanized component to their campaign strategy. 

Source: NetBase Quid