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Dunkaroos Has A Merchandise Line Inspired By The ’90s And It’s Actually SO Cute – Delish

The fan-favorite Dunkaroos food brand has entered the fashion space creating a line of merch inspired by the ’90s. Dunkaroos recently returned to the market this summer and isn’t wasting any time getting out there. Featuring neon colors and bold patterns, Dunkaroos’ perfectly meshed the feel of the ’90s with inspiration from its packaging, mascot and even the snack itself.

Source: Dunkaroos

Blue Bunny Wants to Bring Some Sunshine to This Abnormal Summer – AdWeek

With the summer of 2020 feeling like the season of stress and disappointment, ice cream brand Blue Bunny partnered with the FCBX agency to create a ticket exchange campaign filled with prizes valued up to $1,000. To enter, participants must simply upload photos of their receipts of canceled or postponed events for the chance to win exclusive prizes. From cooking classes to sports apparel, Blue Bunny felt they had the opportunity to promote the brand, while taking people’s minds off of the novel coronavirus.

Source: Blue Bunny

From ‘BIC For Her’ To BIC For Them – How Cancel Culture Got BIC Back On Track – Forbes

Eight years ago, when BIC released their BIC For Her line of pink and purple pens marketed to women, it resulted in global news coverage of the widespread outrage towards this sexism-tainted launch. After hiring new staff members and conducting consumer research, BIC discontinued its gendered pens. Noticing that 69 percent of consumers ages 18-22 have an interest in genderless beauty products sent BIC back to the drawing board and started working on a Made For You line that aims to be gender inclusive.

KFC is working with a Russian 3D bioprinting firm to try to make lab-produced chicken nuggets – The Verge

After becoming the first US fast-food chain to test out Beyond Meat’s plant-based chicken in its stores, KFC is now planning on creating the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets. Working with Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions, KFC hopes to use a combination of chicken cells and plant material to engineer chicken nuggets, while keeping the KFC taste and texture of their chicken. Bioprinting nuggets is a more environmentally friendly solution to producing standard chicken nuggets by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that come from traditional farming methods.

Dyson releases more free science experiments for kids in quarantine – Fast Company

In April, Dyson released 44 science experiments aimed to teach kids about engineering during quarantine. The company has now released a free science student pack that teaches kids about pollution, air quality and engineering. The follow-up pack includes videos, worksheets and more experiments — one that even challenges kids to build an air filter. Dyson hopes this student pack will keep kids busy learning as the pandemic continues to keep everyone at home.