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How Are Marketers Easing A Turbulent Time In The Travel Industry? – The Drum

Inflation, strikes, and natural disasters – the travel industry continues to face challenges and uncertainty after the global pandemic. In this article, PR, digital and creative veterans share their observations and insights about navigating the new landscape in travel and leisure marketing.

Google And Tripadvisor Could Be Edging Toward A New Partnership After All These Years – Skift

The long-time frenemies, Google and Tripadvisor, may be exploring ways to collaborate and support the travel industry together. Learn more about this potential partnership after years of competition for online traffic.

Why Hotels MUST Optimize For Search Or Risk Getting Left Behind – Hotel News Resource

How can hotel marketers catch up with the fast-paced evolution of search engines? The author shared the latest data-backed insights into search behaviors and a series of must-know tips for hotel PPC and SEO. Read the full article to win the search ranking competition.

Image Source: TravelBoom’s 2023 Leisure Travel Study

Social Media’s Rising Influence On The Travel Industry – Hospitality Net

Social media has been evolving and influencing consumers for over a decade, so how can travel brands and destinations leverage this? The author unveils the effective social strategies from campaigns launched by Destination Canada and the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism.