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Forget Spectacles: As Snap Earnings Arrive, Focus on Forced-View Ads And That Redesign – AdAge

Last week, Snapchat revealed its second-generation video sunglasses designed with sleeker frames and less noticeable camera, retailing for $150. In addition, Snapchat is making changes to its ad business by incorporating forced-viewed ads. But what investors are really interested in, is the impact of consumer’s usage of Snapchat’s reconfigured app. 

Source: Ad Age


Tiny self-driving robots have started delivering food on-demand in Silicon Valley — Business Insider

Technology companies in Silicon Valley are known for offering plenty of perks to employees throughout its office campus. To add to that list, small self-driving robots have started delivering lunches and other supplies to tech workers in Silicon Valley. The company behind these tiny autonomous delivery robots, Starship Technologies, plans to roll out 1,000 vehicles by the end of the year.

Source: Starship Technologies


How Neuroscience Is Optimizing the Office – The Wall Street Journal

Employers are trying to change the design of its workplace as competition for employees continues to grow. Companies like Amazon and Google have created spaces that specifically affect how its employees think and feel. Therefore, an award-winning architecture firm and a molecular biologist have teamed together to reimagine office spaces to maximize productivity and comfort. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Disney and Twitter team up to create live sports shows and other videos – Los Angeles Times

Twitter Inc. has partnered with more than 30 media publishers in order to grow its video offerings highlighting news, entertainment, and sports. Now, Disney and Twitter are working together to provide live sports programming and other content on the social platform. The network will roll out ESPN’s “SportsCenter Live” and its podcast via Twitter.

Source: Los Angeles Times