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Johnson & Johnson to roll out a Band-Aid in several shades for racial diversity – AdAge

Johnson & Johnson announced they plan to sell a variety of Band-Aid shades for racial diversity. The company aims to launch the multi-tone pack next year, ranging in light, medium and deep shades of brown bandages. This isn’t the first time Band-Aid has launched a diverse line, in 2005, Band-Aid created a line with multiple skin tones called Perfect Blend.

Source: Band-Aid

HBO launches its first ever digital pride campaign, Human By Orientation – Fast Company

Home Box Office, HBO’s acronym, is repurposing to Human By Orientation in celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. On Monday, the entertainment company launched its first-ever digital Pride event on the Human By Orientation website. People can RSVP for free daily virtual events including, queer comedy nights, a drag brunch hosted by the cast of HBO’s We’re Here, DJ sets and much more. The celebration kicked off on June 18 and will continue through June 28.

Source: HBO

MAC Is the First Beauty Brand to Bring Makeup to Sims4 – Allure

MAC is diving into new territory: video gaming. The cosmetic company is collaborating with the popular life-simulation game, The Sims, to bring makeup to players by offering different looks to the characters. The designs are created by MAC’s brand director of makeup Romero Jennings and are categorized into eyeliner, eye shadow, lips and cheeks. Through the game’s Create A Sim tool, players can mix and match makeup looks to create a look that feels most authentically to their character.

Amazon deploys AI ‘distance assistants’ to notify warehouse workers if they get too close – The Verge

Amazon has revealed an AI tool aimed to help employees follow social distancing rules. The new tool, “Distance Assistant,” which combines depth sensors, a TV screen and an AI-enabled camera to track the movements of employees and give them real-time feedback. If employees are detected in coming closer than six feet with each other on the TV, circles around their feet flash red, which indicate to employees they need to move a safer distance apart.