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How Gen Z Yellow Took Over Your Instagram (and the world) – i-D Vice

What is Gen Z yellow? The bright color is taking over and is making a bold statement. We see it in press releases as a “new thing,” sales are growing, and the color has been spotted on runways for Spring/Fall 2018. This podcast takes a deep dive into why we all should be caring about Gen Z yellow.

Source: i-D


People think Amazon has the most positive impact on society out of any major tech company – Recode

Technologies are under scrutiny now more than ever. In the eyes of Americans, Amazon is consistently in society’s good graces. A recent study showed that 20 percent of the U.S. believe Amazon has the most significant impact on society out of any other major technology company. Also, 22 percent of Americans consider CEO Jeff Bezos to have the most impact on people’s daily lives.

Source: Amazon


How the New LED Cinema Screen Could Change Filmmaking and Moviegoing – The Hollywood Reporter

Samsung unveiled its first LED cinema screen in Chatsworth, CA where it will debut Ready Player One. This new exhibition is a massive shift from theater projection systems since its origination. The Samsung LED Cinema Screen will be a change for both studios and filmmakers, creating a new postproduction technique so that films can be viewed on the LED display.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


SEO: Is It Really Dead? – Forbes

In today’s competitive online world, is digital marketing impacting your business’ profit potential? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a subcategory within digital marketing and has established catchy phrases like “content is king.” SEO has impacted and shaped website traffic over the decades, but it’s now possible that websites have reached the peak of their potential.