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Brutal Honesty: The New Look Sustainable Marketing – Vogue Business

Sustainable brands are taking a radical marketing approach through brutally honest messaging. Eyewear brand Ace & Tate released a blog post on its shortcomings in creating sustainable products. Radical transparency looks like confessing mistakes and challenges through frank messaging to consumers. In a marketplace that demands authenticity, being forthright about shortcomings can humanize brands.

Consumers Care About Compassion: Here’s What That Means for Marketing – Fast Company

Effective brand messaging occurs when authentic emotional connections are made with consumers. In addition to stating intentions, showcasing the tangible work companies are doing to advance the greater good is crucial. Consumers want to know the what, why, and how of a business’s social responsibility initiatives. Creating space for consumers to provide feedback establishes accountability and facilitates an ongoing discussion for compassion.

How People Consume TV Now – AdAge

How we watch TV has been continuously evolving over just the past few years. But as the COVID pandemic disrupted almost every aspect of our lives, the evolution from linear TV to streaming TV advanced exponentially, as large swaths of the population were forced to shelter in place and acclimate even more to living, shopping, and consuming content digitally. But how we watch TV (or consume video content, if you prefer) isn’t the only thing that has changed. How we talk about TV has evolved, too.

For Influencer Marketing to Drive Sales, Trust Must Translate to Real Strategies – Marketing Dive

As the holiday shopping season approaches, boosting confidence in the space could push it toward lower-funnel productivity. Influencer marketing this year has seen a surge in industry confidence as some marketers post returns on their investments and influencer-focused companies boost measurement capabilities. The approaching holiday season could provide a key test of whether these developments translate to consumer purchases.

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