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How Libraries Are Reinventing Themselves To Fight Fake News – Forbes

By 2030, libraries are expected to be extinct. While libraries aren’t the most innovative, it opens a plethora of discoveries and information. In today’s world of fake news, libraries might have a chance to reinvent themselves with the concrete and objective information at its core.


There’s a generation below millennials and here’s what they want from brands – CNBC

Gen Z is the up and coming generation that will soon take over the hype of millennials. This generation is 13 to 24-year-old and makes up 71.7 million of the U.S. population. This group prefers personal, authentic connection, and 75 percent claim that they do not follow the latest trends.

Source: CNBC

Uber gets into bike-share business with deal to buy JUMP – The Washington Post

The ride-sharing service Uber has been pursuing autonomous vehicles, fixed transit systems, food delivery, and now bike sharing. Uber is set to buy the e-bike start-up called JUMP Bikes, a dockless bike-sharing service. Uber started a pilot, which allows Uber riders to find and reserve JUMP bikes through the app.

Source: Jump

Four marketing tactics to build and maintain consumer trust – The Drum

Trust for brands, especially on social media, is difficult. A study showed that over half of Gen Z and millennials were limiting social use because of targeted ads. Even hashtags such as #ad and #sponsored, are used for influencer transparency. Is your company doing enough to maintain consumer trust? These top tactics are crucial for your brand’s authenticity.

Source: The Drum