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Jack in the Box celebrates National Space Day with a fast food constellation – The Drum

Last week on May 4 was National Space Day. That day is also known as “May the Fourth Be With You,” which is synonymous with Star Wars. To mark this double-day occurrence, Jack in the Box made its “fast food’s first-ever constellation.” The constellation is in the shape of Jack Box’s head, and each star of the constellation is named after Jack’s signature food items.

Source: The Drum

NBCU to Measure TV Ads Based on Business Outcomes – The Wall Street Journal

For years, TV networks can tell brands how many people view their commercial, but not how the ad affected the brand’s business. NBCUniversal wants that to change. The media company is working with to track the success of an ad campaign and its outcome on a brand’s web visits and sales.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Sports betting could soon be legalized in the U.S. Media companies can’t wait – Recode

The media business is looking for a boost, and sports betting could be the answer. The Supreme Court is set to rule on a case that could expand legal sports betting outside Las Vegas to create new revenue streams for media companies.

Source: Recode

There’s one crucial, major innovation in Facebook’s new VR headset that will set a new precedent – Business Insider

Finally, after four years, Facebook released its first VR headset that’s accessible to everyone. It’s called the Oculus Go headset and is completely stand alone. There is also something unique with its audio – instead of headphones, the headset has small speakers built into the straps.

Source: Business Insider

7 Hard Truths About Social Media Marketing – Forbes

Social media is everywhere. It has the potential to help multiply your revenue and is considered to be one of the highest ROI online marketing strategies. However, social media is a highly saturated and competitive market. Organic reach is also declining quickly, which all means there are some hard truths marketers will need to accept.