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Live Nation Wants to Be the Only Resource Brands Need to Reach Millennials, Gen Z – Adweek

Live Nation specializes in selling tickets to music fans interested in watching their favorite artists perform. But what the company wants you to know is that it does more than ticket sales. With new data about music fans of all ages, Live Nation will use the data to help brands like Pepsi and State Farm to connect with millennials and Gen Z music lovers at live events and music festivals.

Source: Adweek


The Sublime and Scary Future of Cameras With A.I. Brains – The New York Times

The improvement of cameras and its image quality has vastly improved over the years. A new enhancement from Google is nothing like we’ve experienced before, cameras are getting brains. Clips, a new generation of cameras, can understand what they see and act on it – automatically taking snapshots of people, pets and other things it finds interesting.

Source: Doug Chayka


The New Snapchat: Less Social, More Fun – The Wall Street Journal

A new version of Snapchat will roll out, and it’s surprisingly different from what users are familiar with. The new design is far from a social network and built off of something Instagram can’t copy. Snapchat’s overhaul is now three things at once: a fun augmented-reality camera, a robust messaging platform, and a place to watch original, phone-friendly video.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


KFC Just Handled a Public Relations Crisis Perfectly With a Single Picture – Inc.

The chicken-franchise company experienced its worst nightmare; it ran out of chicken. Due to supplier issues, KFC restaurants were forced to shut down. Scrambling to get its supplier issues under control, the company’s PR team devised a quick response with a full-page ad stating “FCK,” a crafty play on letters from KFC.

Source: Getty Images