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Millennials Aren’t Always About the Digital Experience. That’s Good News for Your Marketing Department – Entrepreneur

Each year, consumers purchase more than 6 billion cards. Millennials spend more on those cards than any other generation, including baby boomers. It’s time to tap into the direct mail market, which is far less saturated than online communications. On average, a mailbox gets 454 items delivered per year, while an inbox gets 120 emails in just one day. Businesses can leverage letter-based marketing through authentic, customer-savvy messaging. To ensure a seamless transition to online conversions, include QR code inserts. 

Source: Entrepreneur

12 ‘Unrelated’ Ways to Complement Marketing Efforts – Forbes

In a crowded market, developing outside-the-box marketing strategies is essential. A panel of Forbes experts shared their recommendations. For instance, NordVPN worked with other brands in their industry to launch VPN Day, a public relations hit. Other suggestions included tapping into meme trends and humor, as well as posting pets to spike engagement. 

How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign on TikTok – Business 2 Community

Integrating the most-downloaded app of 2021 into a marketing campaign is a no-brainer. Take advantage of tools like TikTok for Business, as well as targeted in-feed advertisements. The app’s Smart Video feature expedites the editing and soundtrack-selection process. Brands can partner with influencers through the Creator Marketplace or participate in the latest hashtag trends for maximum reach.

Source: Business2Community

Navigating the Metaverse? The New Agencies Talk What to Watch – Vogue Business

Entering the metaverse strategically can be costly, with some consultations at $150k and projects nearing $2 million. As this new medium and its associated marketing opportunities emerge, brands should consider their strategy. One agency leader discouraged simply recreating physical spaces in the digital realm, such as malls. With its dynamic and gamer-centric culture, brands need to strategically innovate to succeed in the metaverse.