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A New Look at Millennials’ Favorite Brands Shows a Few Surprises Climbing the List – Adweek

A YouGov BrandIndex survey confirms that at the end of the day, it’s big digital brands winning millennials’ coveted views and dollars.

Source: Adweek

Instagram Finally Explains How Stories Is Different from Snapchat – Fortune

The answer we’ve been waiting for since the launch of Instagram Stories:  Improvement of service is responsible the 15-40% drop in Snapchat views.

People who get news from social or search usually don’t remember the news org that published it, survey finds – Nieman Lab

A new study shows readers often only remember the social platform they found articles through rather than the news brand who wrote the article itself.

Beauty brands are now paying dogs and cats to tout their products on Instagram – Business Insider

Move over Bark Box, social pet influencers are being tapped by beauty brands to headline some of their biggest digital campaigns.

Source: Business Insider

Despite promise, brands still struggle using location data – Digiday

Companies struggle to effectively and efficiently implement location data in their marketing strategies.  Knowing location data’s limits and accuracy is vital to using the complex technology.