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Adidas and Allbirds Team Up to Make Sustainable Running Shoes – Wired

Going for a run doesn’t leave a large carbon footprint; however, it still leaves a mark on the planet as manufacturing a pair of running shoes can tax the environment. So Adidas and Allbirds have teamed up to create a new shoe to extend Adidas’ Futurecraft line of technologically advanced apparel. The Futurecraft.Footprint shoe has a much lower environmental impact while achieving high-performance results.

Source: Allbirds

What Is Conversational Marketing and Why Do Brands Need It Now? – Adweek

The pandemic has increased the appreciation for meaningful connections and has also increased consumers’ expectations for brands to listen and respond. With that, marketers are challenged with changing their messaging and strategies to meet these demands. Through all of this, brands are working toward finding a balance between leaning into empathetic, user-centric practices and safeguarding economic stability. That’s where conversational marketing steps in.

Prince Is Getting His Own Makeup Collection – The Cut

Urban Decay is coming out with a limited-edition capsule collection featuring the icon’s signature look and color to honor the late artist Prince. The makeup brand has teamed up with Prince’s estate for a seven-piece collection. The collection includes two eye-shadow palettes called “U Got the Look” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” two eyeliners inspired by Prince’s signature look, a liquid highlighter, a multitasking makeup brush, and a waterproof translucent powder.

Source: Urban Decay

What The New Customer Loyalty Looks Like – Vogue Business

As the world begins to open up, luxury brands are looking for a competitive advantage among consumers. Customer loyalty programs allow brands to gather meaningful insights about their consumers. Incorporating a customer loyalty program offers a more personalized, interactive, and socially relevant experience for customers for luxury brands. This mean offering experiences, more social interactions and paid loyalty.