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Snapchat launches Lens Web Builder to simplify AR ad creation – VentureBeat

Augmented reality hasn’t captured average customers; however, Snapchat has been successful at integrating AR into its app with camera ‘lenses’ to its millions of users. Last week, Snap released ‘Lens Web Builder,’ a tool that eases the process of creating AR effects to help more businesses create AR promotions. The tool can be accessed from common web browsers, allowing users to build a new lens in minutes without AR design experience.

Source: Snapchat

Time Out New York temporarily rebrands as Time In New York – AdAge

The media company Time Out New York has announced that it is temporarily rebranding itself as Time In New York. The change was made in recognizing that New Yorkers are participating in ‘social distancing,’ as the coronavirus pandemic heightens. Time Out London, the original Time Out, has also adapted the ‘Time In’ rebrand at this time.

Source: Time Out New York

2020 Is The Year AI Goes Mainstream In Marketing – Forbes

This year, more and more AI-based apps are working its way into marketing. Marketers are looking to improve and increase the accuracy and real-time responsiveness with consumers across channels. A recent study found that 60% of marketers plan to increase their use of AI in the next 12 months, ultimately to optimize campaigns and strategies.

Puma ads fuse retro and innovation using AR and gaming – The Drum

Puma launched a new campaign for its ‘Play On’ sneakers. The campaign engages Instagram users with a new filter taking on a retro 1980’s style and giving it a twist with AR and gaming called ‘Rider Ball.’ The nod to the retro styling promotes the design of the sneakers while tying in the arcade-style gaming to reach younger consumers.

Source: Puma