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Snapchat stages a viral hashtag takeover on rival Instagram – CNBC

Snapchat is going after is rival Instagram. This time, the social media company launched a global advertising campaign called “Real Friends.” Snapchat staged a hashtag takeover on the Facebook-owned Instagram using #realfriends and #friendshipquotes to fill the pages with quotes from notable figures about friendship. The campaign aims to highlight how users can connect with close friends on the app.

Source: CNBC

Meet The Toyota Robots Assisting Mobility At Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Forbes

Toyota has explored robotics for a while now. Finally, the company is bringing its expertise in robots to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Toyota worked closely with the Tokyo 2020 Robot Project to provide a fleet of inventive and quirky robots, designed to support attendees as well as those unable to physically join in the fun. The organizing committee aspires to make this the most technologically-advanced Olympics in history.

Source: Toyota

“The Billboard Has Become King in FYC”: Emmy Campaigners Jostle for Limited Space in Peak TV Era – The Hollywood Reporter

Spring and early summer in L.A. is always a visual reminder that Emmy nominations are around the corner. This year, more than 700 shows vied for an Emmy nomination, but the true winners are something unexpected: billboard advertising. Many outdoor advertising companies are seeing an increase in demand for L.A. billboards, creating an increasingly crowded field, in addition to revenue spikes as “award seasons” become year-round.

Source: Clear Channel Outdoors

Elon Musk says that Teslas will be able to safely stream Netflix and YouTube ‘soon’ – Business Insider

Elon Musk has spoken out on Twitter again, revealing that Tesla car owners will be able to stream from their dashboard. Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube will be available on in-car displays “within a few months,” and will only work while a car isn’t moving. This new feature would work similarly to how games currently work in Teslas. This is one step closer to Musk’s long-term goal of wanting Tesla cars to act as hubs of entertainment content.