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By The Pollack Group

Agency client, Numerator, is the leading provider of market intelligence solutions. The company has a wealth of untapped data that helps determine how competing retailers, products and brands are being advertised, priced and promoted both in-store and online—along with comprehensive data on purchasing behavior.
As part of its thought leadership program, the agency leverages Numerator’s data and expert commentary to position Numerator as a thought leader and expert source in the retail space, both during the key shopping seasons, notable key industry breaking news, and key seasonal retail events such as back-to-school, Halloween and Amazon’s Prime Day.

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This past year, the agency was able to capitalize on breaking news stories to insert Numerator into relevant storylines. As an example, when Popeyes launched its new chicken sandwich, it kicked off what USA Today called, “The Great Sandwich War of 2019.” This blockbuster new item on Popeyes’ menu gave way to many breaking news stories. Utilizing Numerator Insights that analyzed the long-term implications for the chain in terms of consumer acquisition, the agency was able to secure coverage in several news stories, including articles in Fast Company and Forbes, featuring Numerator’s data.
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As part of the program, the agency capitalizes on Numerator reports, research, and white papers on the latest trends in consumer behavior. In leveraging this content, the agency told over 200 individual stories on Numerator’s data. Some examples include a FOX Business article on Walmart’s grocery pickup customer profile, as well as articles on the shopping habits of Gen Z consumers in Chain Store Age, Bloomberg, and Adweek.