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By Megan Gallagher

When it comes to
lunch, our LA office has its fair share of options as to what makes a tasty quick
bite in between speaking with the media, writing a creative brief or
brainstorming that great disruptive idea. Whether it’s a Chipotle burrito, an
order of Beef and Broccoli from Panda Express, or a burger from the newly
opened Shake Shack, there are endless choices. If it’s Thursday and you happen
to be visiting the office or just happen to be in the neighborhood, you can try
Century City’s Farmers Market. Here are some of our staff’s recommendations for
best Farmers Market finds:

Megan’s Pick: By
far the most popular option is the Hawaiian BBQ stand. While the long line
might be discouraging to some, the food is well worth the wait. To make the
most of the small menu at the cash only stand we recommend the mixed plate. For
$11, you get rice, a side salad, macaroni salad, and a healthy serving of

Hawaiian BBQ at the Century City Farmer’s Market

Mark’s Pick:
Rather than Taco Tuesday, we celebrate Taco Thursday. With options like carne
asada tacos, chorizo quesadillas and carnitas burritos, Taco Ocotlan is an
authentic blend of Mexican flavors. Each dish is paired with a side of rice,
beans, and fresh pico de gallo. 

Taco Ocotlan at the Century City Farmer’s Market

Leora’s Pick: With
choices that range from Lobster Rolls and Gryo’s to Sushi Burritos, the options
can often seem overwhelming. Sometimes the best pick is simple a piece of fresh
fruit to complement a sack lunch.

Fresh Fruit at the Century City Farmer’s Market

Eventually we’ll
get around to trying all the offerings and local produce at the Farmers Market,
in the meantime, we’ve got our sights set on the new Eataly scheduled to open
later this year.