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By The Pollack Group

As the world retreated more and more indoors in 2020 upon the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the global stage was primed for a company with a concrete solution for indoor air purification. In response to increased awareness of the dangers of airborne germs, viruses, allergens and pollutants, Chicago-based NuWave launched its OxyPure Air Purifier, complete with an advanced filter system, designed to capture 100% of microscopic airborne particles as small as 0.09 microns.

NuWave, a leader in innovative consumer products in the home appliance sector since 1993, is best known for its advanced consumer products and its innovative countertop kitchen appliances. Its mission is to create and deliver a range of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products that enable consumers to live well for less. Its flagship product, the NuWave Oven, was launched back in 2002 and quickly became the No. 1 countertop oven in the world.

NuWave has retained The Pollack Group to launch a media relations campaign highlighting its proprietary OxyPure Air Purifier. The Pollack team will be deploying both proactive and reactive tactics, highlighting both the results of an independent study conducted by the University of Minnesota, which found OxyPure removes the coronavirus from the air, as well as OxyPure’s unique capability to clean air pollution from recent West Coast wildfires.

“NuWave, with its OxyPure air purifier is a timely addition to our client roster,” said, Stefan Pollack, president of The Pollack Group. “The OxyPure’s advanced 5-filter system eliminates viruses and bacteria, is highly energy efficient, and is a 360-degree air intake system that cleans the air indoors quietly and efficiently. We are eager to work with NuWave to help consumers understand the importance of indoor air quality. This is a timely and essential consumer product,” continued Pollack. 

In addition to a robust media relations push, the agency will conduct a consumer attitudes survey about air quality, launch a product donation campaign that will create an email marketing database for the client, and support NuWave’s participation in the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show.