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By The Pollack Group

The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) announced today that Oceanic Society, the United States’ oldest non-profit organization dedicated to ocean conservation, has retained the agency to support its 50th anniversary efforts designed to raise awareness of Oceanic Society’s mission and build support for programs tackling the immense environmental issues facing the world’s oceans.

PPMG will support Oceanic Society in 2019 as it hosts five specially curated trips and one celebratory gala to commemorate its 50th anniversary. By using public relations, message development, corporate outreach, influencer outreach and social media tactics, the agency will identify, target and engage with audiences of travelers, individual donors and corporate philanthropy.

Founded in 1969, Oceanic Society has spent 50 years improving ocean health by deepening the connections between people and nature to address the root cause of its decline: human behavior. They have put ocean conservation on the public radar, from advocating for community conservation of at-risk wildlife to pioneering ecotourism and volunteer vacations. Oceanic Society is currently focused on impacting human behaviors related to pollution, climate change, and sustainable fisheries & aquaculture.

“In its 50 years, Oceanic Society has done groundbreaking work and has empowered governments, individuals, non-profits and corporations to act together and address enormous challenges to the world’s oceans,” said Oceanic Society CEO Roderic Mast. “We are pleased to partner with PPMG, an agency with a deep understanding of Oceanic Society’s media and influencer universe. They will support our efforts to push forward practical solutions to one of the greatest environmental issues facing society on a global scale.”

“Oceanic Society is a pioneer in the conservation movement, and we are delighted to work in tandem with their team to catapult their efforts into the spotlight in order to further the world-changing impact of their work,” said PPMG Founder and CEO, Noemi Pollack.