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By Stefan Pollack

The agency’s President, Stefan Pollack, was featured in the
following Forbes Agency Council articles.


17 Self-Promotional Marketing Tactics Agencies Should Stop Using

14. Trying To Be Something The Brand Isn’t

have shown that consumers don’t mind being advertised to, but they do mind
being lied to. Agencies that try to reach consumers by attempting to be
something they are not, or that inauthentically present a brand ideal to act
like they are just like the consumer or understand them, is not going to be
effective. Brands need to be honest about who they are and what they are
offering. – Stefan Pollack, The Pollack PR Marketing Group


Want To Prevent A Full-Blown PR Crisis? Follow These 12
Agency-Recommended Rules

4. Create And Follow A Crisis Communications Plan 

biggest problem that comes out of a PR crisis is analysis paralysis. Develop a
crisis communications plan that includes a detailed and specific protocol on
what happens in the case of a PR crisis. Include definitions of everyone’s
communication roles, contact information for pre-determined spokespeople, as
well as a process for handling. – Stefan Pollack, The Pollack PR
Marketing Group


11 Tips For Regaining Traffic And Engagement After Facebook’s
Algorithm Change

11. Stay Relevant 

algorithms have a natural state of change, whether it is Google,
Facebook, Pinterest, or something that hasn’t been invented yet. When
creating content for audiences, no matter the format or what algorithm is in
place, the single common denominator for its success is whether or not it is
relevant or interesting to the target audience. As long as you stay relevant,
you can weather any algorithm storm that comes your way. – Stefan Pollack, The
Pollack PR Marketing Group