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By The Pollack Group


And…we’re back! Happy 2016 to everyone, thanks for tuning in to Episode IV of Reply All. We’ve been busy Skimming the headlines, previewing spring fashion, checking out alternatives to our pricey skin/body care products and reading about Jeff Spicoli’s secret meeting with Mexico’s most notorious drug cartel leader. Oh, and sidenote: WE LOVE BREAD!


Let’s begin!

You might have passed on Jaden Smith’s “Karate Kid” reboot, but you can’t miss his new modeling campaign with Louis Vuitton. Jaden, who’s the son of actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is part of the brand’s womenswear campaign and this was too intriguing not to lead off “What’s The Pitch?”

Our HARO of the Month comes from The Globe and Mail and seeks women who use men’s skincare/hair products. We share our experiences, and as a bonus, Brittney shares her preferred brand of deodorant (below). #WhatsYoSecret

Over the years, we’ve seen millions of otherwise perfectly normal humans “plank” and senior citizens “dab,” but we’ll be the first to admit we didn’t see this one coming: “breadfacing.” Haven’t heard of it? Read all about it here, and then check out @breadfaceblog on Instagram. Clearly this is the stuff our “On Review” segment was made for, so we tested it out ourselves. #Carbs

Sidenote: Um, where do we even begin with Sean Penn interviewing El Chapo for Rolling Stone?

Also as a sidenote: Chapo’s shirt that he’s wearing in the picture above is apparently flying off the shelves.

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Until next time,Megan, Mariel, Brittney, Jackie, Olivia and Stephanie