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By The Pollack Group


Welcome back, everyone! Thanks for tuning in to the latest episode of Reply All. We’ve been busy stuffing our faces with free Chipotle burritos and listening to “The Life Of Pablo”…which may explain why this month, we’re talking fashion, social media, fast food and more. So let’s get started!

New York Fashion Week is here, and we’re keeping up with the runway shows on social media. So what’s the pitch? Enter Tommy Hilfiger, who hosted NYFW’s first ever “InstaPit” for Instagram content creators for its fall women’s fashion show. Fashion brands continue to evolve and embrace social media, and this is one of the most exciting updates yet. In case you missed it, check out a few ‘grams of our #girlcrush Gigi Hadid in the show.

No surprises here: soda consumption in the US is on the decline and fast food is being edged out by fast casual restaurant concepts like Chipotle. Companies are looking for new ways to engage with customers and stay relevant. We break down Pepsi’s new “kola house” hospitality concept and McDonald’s hiring a Top Chef Master to create a special meal for food bloggers using ingredients found in Big Macs and other Mickey D’s favorites.

The Pollack Group podcast Pepsi Kola House

This month’s HARO comes from Bobby Box at, who poses a shockingly good question we might use in a job interview one day: Who was your first cartoon crush? We had some very strong opinions on this one… Check out a few of our adolescent-ish heartthrobs below. Extra credit goes to anyone born after 1990 who knows who She-Ra is!

We’re lucky that working at PPMG brought the ReplyAll team together, and we’re friends as well as colleagues. But if you’re struggling to find a BFF, then maybe you need to start approaching it the way you would a BF – as in, how about trying an app? We took Hey! Vina, a Tinder-like app that matches females based on similar interests and location, for a spin for “On Review”… but we were waitlisted. Ouch. #NoNewFriends

Sidenote: did you know that between 2000-2009, the divorce rate in Maine correlates with the per capita consumption of margarine? Or that the per capita cheese consumption correlates with the total revenue of golf courses?! Spurious correlations had us shaking our heads in total disbelief. Check it out here.

P.S. Rickie Fowler is totally a Kraft Singles guy, right?

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