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By The Pollack Group

Well Reply All fans, we’re wrapping up the month of July, which means we’re only hours away from seeing Halloween merchandise for sale. It’s been a great summer so far, and we’re staying busy binge watching all things Netflix (Orange is the New Black! Mad Men! Stranger Things! Bones!), debating the appropriateness of yoga pants in the workplace and sitting in the podcast studio discussing weddings and death. Stay with us, it’ll make sense in a minute.
It’s no surprise that our TV viewing habits have changed a bit in the last decade, as we have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime competing against the cable giants with their own original TV series now. You no longer need to build your whole life around a sitcom that airs every Thursday night; instead, you can just wait and catch up by binge watching an entire season in a “few” hours. So, What’s The Pitch? Netflix recently released a study tracking its global base of subscribers and how they watched the first seasons of more than 100 television series during a seven-month stretch. For anyone who’s ever lost crucial sleep from watching the equivalent of 7 years of television in three weeks, this will sound all too familiar. Our NYC crew breaks down the study and shares a few of the series that have hooked them recently.
So just putting this one out there: do yoga pants count as business-casual? Sorry, can’t hear you; we’ve got people screaming “over my dead body” in one ear and “of course, black makes them dressy” in the other. The ladies in NYC, who have very different workplace commutes and lifestyle factors than in LA, hit the streets for On Review and took a poll.
Our HARO of the month comes from Jillian Kramer with Brides Magazine, who was seeking relationship and marriage experts to suggest constructive and practical things one can do while they “wait” for a marriage proposal. Apparently it’s in poor taste to tell your SO to hurry up because your sorority sister just got engaged and she might steal the name you’ve been planning for your unborn daughter. You can read the article here and tweet us your wedding hashtag ideas for Megan and Scott Eastwood’s nuptials at Greystone Mansion.
Sidenote – we’ve talked about social media prenups on a previous episode but what about when you die? Facebook already offers an option to select a Legacy Contact, but bigger picture questions remain. Will the executor of your estate also manage your social assets? Would you feel comfortable with family members reading your DM’s? Are there death clauses written into the contracts for high-risk celebrities like Johnny Manziel?
Thanks to everyone for their support and if you love us, then follow along on Soundcloud! Stay cool.
Megan, Mariel, Brittney, Stephanie, Olivia, Julie and Jackie