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By The Pollack Group


Hi everyone,

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 7 of Reply All, our longest episode yet – but trust us, it’s so worth it. We’ve been busy downloading Queen Bey’s new album LEMONADE, skimming the news for our podcast and eating matzo. Happy Passover, y’all! Let’s get started.

We’re leading off What’s The Pitch? with some big news about Snapchat buying bitmoji-maker Bitstrips for $100 million. What will this mean for future snaps? Will we soon be talking to cartoon versions of ourselves a la Lizzie McGuire?

Or maybe in the future we’ll just be sending each other snap stories like this:

We couldn’t decide on one, so this month we’re responding to two HAROs. The first one from Avvo, a legal blog, covers social media prenuptial agreements; yup, they’re a thing now. You can read the article here.

The second one from Digiday ventures in to dangerous waters and dares to ask the question: should advertisers stop with the Millennials obsession? The author sure seems to think so, and so do our NYC officemates. Here’s the article by YuYu Chen.

Sidenote: there were too many incredible sidenote stories to include just one.

So Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t know steam bag vegetables exist, but she’s cool with getting stung by bees on purpose…

The Pollack Group Podcast Bee Sting Therapy

A man in San Francisco was living in an 8’ x 8’ box to save money on rent…

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Megan and Mariel tell all about the OJ tour! Our true crime aficionados took the unofficial OJ Simpson tour in Brentwood with tour guide Adam Papagan, the man Lena Dunham is calling “Los Angeles’ premiere and only OJ Simpson tour guide.” Just look at his shirt! Now THAT is the guy you want on the mic. You won’t want to miss the details! Check out the Curbed LA article we reference in this segment here.

Thanks for tuning in, and make sure to give us some love on Soundcloud!

Stephanie, Olivia, Brittney, Jackie, Megan and Mariel