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By Noemi Pollack

It’s our 38th anniversary, yet another time to reflect and self-evaluate. We do this on every anniversary, for this reflection always brings on new revelations that inexplicably carve out new paths for the agency. We have spent almost four decades navigating through all the tumultuous marketplace changes, political upheavals, and world turmoil since the agency’s founding. Yes, we include political and world changes since we are all interconnected globally, and the reverberations of change throughout the world – comes down to all of us.

We recognize that it is not a magic wand that has kept us successful. What we believe has carried us through all the mind-blowing technological inventions, recessions, inflations, and a pandemic with resulting supply chain breakdowns, is our appetite for critical thinking and creative problem solving, self-evaluation, acute judgment, a high level of curiosity and a resolute stance to stay on the current edge of whatever is lurking around the corner that can impact our work.

And, of course, staying nimble, agile, and adaptable.

We believe that what has sustained our longevity is the client trust that we have garnered, trust that our agency can lead the way in the ever-changing landscape, that we understand their needs, and that we have creative and strategic tactical skills that will support their growth and impact a change. Clients come to us not just for our expertise in digital, marketing, and public relations skills, but also to seek out audience behavior analysts, data geeks, strategic content creators and communicators.

And we have become that, and take pride in having met their expectations.

Over our decades in the industry, clients have felt safe in our judgment. Twenty-three years ago, way before there was a PR global sensibility, we made a wise decision to become a partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group, which has given us an edge in this globally interconnected world, making it possible for any of our clients to easily access support in 49 countries, across six continents.

As we look forward to the next decade, we see brands and organizations needing to be sensitive to the ever-changing world of cultural differences, which is earmarked to play a large role in every business. We will need to be right there with them and craft experiences that stand out in a “sea of sameness,” to drive success and growth. There may be mountains to climb to meet all the new challenges that raise their heads along the way, but in helping clients recognize the nuances of different markets and cultures, they will flourish.

And of course, the global marketplace will continue to change… maybe in a less accelerated way, but still, it will be about crafting the customer experience for people “not necessarily like you, (the brand),” who are generational, culturally, and geographically different, to foster long-term loyalty and brand preference.

As we enter the next decade, we see the growth potential of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual events, and we are committed to continue to stay alert to any new technologies on the horizon. We will continue to invest in our people, for we recognize that it takes a “village,” – in our case, a talented team of professionals who are the backbone of our agency, to face challenges together.

We are confident that The Pollack Group is well-positioned to lead the way toward any new frontier and look forward to the journey.