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By Noemi Pollack, Founder and Senior Advisor

Today, March 25, marks our 39th anniversary year in our industry and I, as the founder, am proud.

Proud of the many successes our agency has amassed for our clients; proud of having weathered many geopolitical events, a pandemic, global economic turmoil; proud of our incredible team; and proud of having remained steadfast throughout as thought leaders who have recognized change and adapted to a whole new marketplace, over our almost four decades.  

What has motored us through, is what we started out with – intellectual confidence, logical thought processes, coupled with a whiff of arrogance that we could do it all better than most. Now armed with new powerful solutions and tools and media literacy skills, we are equally excited about our future, as we keep in lockstep with client wants and needs.

I am proud that, together with clients, we have played a role in telling the stories that matter to the world around us. We have created narratives and told stories that made a difference. Some examples:

Single use plastic bottle pollution:

Working with client SodaStream, we created experiential activations that encouraged consumers to reduce their single-use plastic consumption.

Rising global temperatures:

In partnering with client, BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. we raised awareness of a toxic algae epidemic in bodies of water that have spread exponentially worldwide. We brought the problem to the front and center in the world and focused on the solution.

Celebrating volunteerism:

And for over 15 years, we enchanted the media by inviting them to view the beauty in the making of the magnificent Rose Parade floats, witnessing thousands of volunteers working tirelessly to cut and place flowers and other natural materials to create imaginatively designed floats for the Tournament of Roses Parade, seen by billions.

Safety in a time of Covid:

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged, it impacted thousands of businesses negatively. In particular, it elevated the queasiness of renting a car. For client Avis Budget Group we launched a forward-thinking coalition designed to enhance the cleanliness and disinfection of its rental facilities and vehicles. It assured people that Avis and Budget were at the forefront of safety.

Covid-related chaos in supply chain:

Disruption in international supply chain, brought to the fore a critical turning point for client RPM, an international non-asset based logistics and supply chain solutions company. Yet it came through in the marketplace as a beacon amidst supply chain challenges, through a comprehensive media relations and thought leadership platform.

Facing a Drought:

Together with client Rain Bird, we created their industry leading brand position, The Intelligent Use of Water, which laid down a roadmap for a sustainable, multi-pronged program that included industry white papers, bi-annual Intelligent Use of Water global summits, film competitions, awards programs, partnerships, grade school curriculums — all spoke to the urgency of the global water scarcity issue. The heightened awareness raised the bar for saving precious drops of water.

So, what has changed the most over our 39 years? Technology of course, but also clients’ wants, needs and expectations.

Whereas triggering earned media attention remains vital to clients, overall needs in the marketplace, have shifted. We understand that clients are now looking to agencies such as ours, to offer solutions to their business challenges. Critical thinking, coupled with outthinking and outmaneuvering the competition, have emerged as front and center, and are tantamount to creating leadership positions to help clients solve business challenges.

Clients still want trusted relationships, only now they look for higher levels of currency and look to the savviness of their counselors to guide them through new and newer platforms, on which they have not yet tread such as recognizing, and incorporating, all that AI can do. Nowadays clients are also seeking agency partners that have empathy with the issues that real people understand and care about.

And that’s how things have shifted, and we have shifted accordingly…

I am proud of our team that shares a belief that ethical behavior, respect, innovative thought processes and magnetic ideas, form the backbone for all communications efforts.  

What a journey we’ve been on for 39 years! We look forward to what else is coming our way… We see a future where we continue to work with iconic global brands, where we continue to embrace ambitious new challengers, and where we continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.