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By The Pollack Group

Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy™ scrubs, as featured in the long-running, award-winning television series, is worn today by health care workers worldwide. Clearly, their continued popularity attests to their comfort and functionality in supporting medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and veterinary facilities. And their stylish bent works well when paired with casual jeans, sweaters, and sneakers.

So when Barco chose to refresh the Grey’s Anatomy™ scrub brand and make it personal, connecting the brand to real live people — real health care professionals, not professional models or actors, engaging in their daily tasks – all while wearing Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, the company launched the “Authentically You” campaign. A video series, produced by The Pollack Group, triggered the start of the campaign featuring two Los Angeles-based healthcare professionals: Sean, a student at USC Dental School, and Robin, a pharmacy student. The :30 videos were uniquely stylized to the person’s music interests and optimized for social media posts and advertisements.