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By The Pollack Group

First, we want to thank everyone for hitting “Reply All” and supporting our podcast! It’s been a really fun learning process, and we appreciate all of the feedback and support.

This month, we’re tackling a major debate that has quietly been sweeping the nation, and it’s not the Ben Carson rap song. Hint: it involves condiments, toppings, fillings and soup.

The Pollack Group Podcast Hot Dog Sandwich

We also pay tribute to Lucky Magazine and, two great media outlets that met their demise far too soon, and Lucky’s former editor in chief Eva Chen, whose signature #EvaChenPose will live on. Wait, you’ve never heard of the Eva Chen pose?!

In the spirit of great women changing the world, we also talk about the new Barbie ad that is pulling at our heartstrings.

We’re always on the lookout for great HARO inquiries, and this one definitely doesn’t get “brushed” under the rug. Check out reporter Phil Mutz’s article that was based on his inquiry:


And sidenote: athleisure is killing it right now. We were inspired by Gigi Hadid, Kanye West and this video to talk about this fashion trend:

Please feel free to share the link to our Soundcloud page and as always, we love it if you hit Reply All

Happy Thanksgiving from Megan, Mariel, Brittney, Stephanie, Olivia and Jackie