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By The Pollack Group

What do interns bring to an agency? We asked PPMG’s summer interns in New York City for their thoughts…

Faith DeLucia: Interns come to an agency with a powerful interest to learn from those above them and to welcome new ideas with open arms. In turn, not only do they bring a new face into the agency, but they also offer a fresh outlook on ideas. Being a millennial has its criticisms but the big plus they bring is having social media as a second language — a desired asset in 2018 for agencies that look to connect with the public as efficiently as possible. While sticking to traditions can work for some businesses, PR/Marketing agencies highly benefit from an out-of-the-box, vulnerable approach to things. What better candidate to help adapt to today’s changing landscape than an eager-to-learn intern?

Alexandra Frole: As an intern in the PR world, the pressure is always on: arrive early, agree to all assigned tasks, ask thoughtful questions, finish your work in a timely manner and make sure all your writing is impeccable. We know that by doing this, we can hopefully secure the career of our dreams. This mentality turns out to be incredibly beneficial for an agency because it creates a network of individuals who want to be the best and make their company the perfect candidate for any client.

Caroline Williams: Although we don’t mind going on the occasional coffee run, interns can offer much more than a perfectly prepared cup of “joe” if given the opportunity. They can provide a fresh perspective on different subjects and can give employees the opportunity to focus on more important and less time-consuming projects. Interns can be some of the most driven individuals in the office and will arrive each day eager to absorb knowledge about the industry. By mentoring interns, your company will create more confident, competent, and employable individuals. Bottom line – interns are grateful for the experience and will work hard to produce quality work that will impress and benefit you. It’s a win-win situation.