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By The Pollack Group

Content marketing is an essential way for any brand to deliver its message. The crucial thing about content marketing is that it needs to be consistent, relevant, and timely, and aimed toward a specific target audience. Content needs to be reviewed every so often to keep the relevant pieces and discard the older, out-of-date pieces to be relevant and timely.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be thought of as the storytelling marketing extension for a brand or company through the creation and use of online material. Writing stories, producing videos, visualizing data, creating engaging social media posts, and leveraging editorial media coverage of a company or brand are all types of content that should be used for content marketing. The frequency and manner with which this content is shared can often determine the timeliness, impact, and success of broader marketing campaigns.

Another hugely important content marketing strategy not to be forgotten, is the need for consistent search engine optimization (SEO) work. Working to make written content pieces more discoverable for search engines is a necessity. If users can’t find a piece of content, then it negates the time and work that went in to produce it in the first place.

The companies that are good at content marketing have a strong social media presence and understand how timeliness and relevance plays a role in everything they do.

Content Calendar

One useful tool for creating content is to build a content calendar. A content calendar is an editorial schedule of content, so that the marketing team knows what posts and articles need to be ready by when. It is a great way to get organized and stay on top of any posting and content schedule.

When building a content calendar, set spring cleaning dates to purge old irrelevant posts and articles, particularly ones that didn’t age well.

For help getting started, there are several useful content calendar templates available online to help with content strategy and schedule your content creation.

Content Ideas

Creating and updating various of types of content is essential when content planning. To keep an audience engaged, schedule different types of content. Written pieces and social posts are great, but video content, Q&As, are all marketing efforts that can be extremely useful when done on a schedule and done correctly.


The way that marketing is done has evolved to meet the lightning-fast pace of life. Consumers want to know that the information they are getting is the best available, and consumer trust is essential for any good brand. Building a reputation for being savvy with social media and content marketing is a considerable step up on competitors.