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Most Teens Prefer to Chat Online, Rather Than in Person – The Wall Street Journal

There’s no doubt that digital media’s influence on teens has shifted over the years. In 2012, 41 percent of teens said they own a smartphone compared to today’s teens in which 89 percent said they own a smartphone. A new study from Common Sense Media discovered that more than two-thirds of teens would rather communicate with their friends online than in person.

Lyft: “We are now a fully carbon-neutral company” – Fast Company

Lyft is committing to be entirely carbon-neutral. The ride-sharing company is buying enough carbon offsets to neutralize the remainder of its emissions – even those beyond what it produces. Lyft will also purchase enough renewable energy through its partner 3Degrees to cover all its electricity consumption. These offsetting efforts total over 1 million metric tons of carbon, which is equivalent to taking hundreds of thousands of cars off the road, according to Lyft.

Source: Fast Company

Menswear brand Knot Standard wants to turn US soccer players into fashion influencers – Glossy

Fashion brands working with sports influencers is nothing new. American brands are finally turning to a particular sport Europe has been capitalizing on for years – soccer stars. Knot Standard, a custom menswear brand, announced it will be the official provider of pre-game formalwear for one of New York’s professional soccer teams.

Walmart built a new vending machine that retrieves groceries within seconds – Business Insider

Walmart is expanding into the realm of automated kiosks. The company is testing automated kiosks that will serve as vending machines for online grocery orders at a Walmart Supercenter in Sherman, TX. The kiosks let customers pick up their orders within seconds, and without interacting with Walmart employees. These kiosks are part of a wider effort to integrate Walmart’s online and offline services to better compete with Amazon.

Source: Business Insider