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A public relations, communications, marketing professional is always learning. Our team at The Pollack Group has a wide range of expertise, skills, and industry know-how, and shared them throughout the year through insightful WellRed articles on media relations, marketing, thought leadership and brand communications topics. 

Check out The Pollack Group’s 10 most-read WellRed articles from 2023, and head into the new year with a fresh look at some of the most important topics in the industry today.

Media Relations

Timing Is Everything: When To Pitch Media For The Best Results

What are the best days and times to pitch? Here are our data-based recommendations for effective outreach.

Mastering Media Connections: A Guide To Building Relationships With Reporters

Propel your PR success with long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Check out our thoughts on connecting with reporters.


4 Marketing Lessons From Taylor Swift

What makes Taylor Swift a marketing mastermind? Don’t miss these valuable lessons inspired by the pop icon.

How PR Drives Festive Marketing During The Holiday Season

Are you fully maximizing PR for your festive marketing campaigns? Unpack the most powerful strategies to reach new audiences, get inventory off the shelves, and make cash registers ring.

5 Ways To Fix A Struggling Brand’s Marketing Efforts

How does a struggling brand revamp its marketing efforts? Agency president Stefan Pollack shares his thoughts.

Thought Leadership

How To Be An Effective Podcast Guest

How do you make the most of a podcast interview opportunity, for both the audience and your own brand? Insider advice here.

9 Public Speaking Tips To Conquer Virtual And In-Person Engagements

Seize the stage like a pro. We have public speaking tips to help you to overcome fear and get you spotlight-ready.

7 Ways To Stand Out As A Thought Leader

How do thought leaders stand out from the competition and get quoted by reporters? We have tips for you.

Brand Communications

Lessons From Silicon Valley Bank – A Crisis Of Communications

How can companies restore faith when crisis strikes? Check out our takeaways from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

From Chaos To Clarity: How To Align Corporate Messaging Across The Entire Organization

Is your brand struggling with inconsistent messaging? Explore our expert guide to aligning your corporate communications across different teams and establishing a centralized messaging framework for long-term success.