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By Brandon Buck

Digital marketing is not simply about the keywords, the ad copy, or the creative used in an advertisement, but a full journey of what a user sees, how they see it, and what’s the call to action. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all clients and industries, so we rely a lot on experimenting and analyzing results.

One of our clients, Century Park Law Group, is on the search for personal injury clients. We developed and launched a full campaign around the search terms, ad copy, and landing pages that bring potential clients through the journey of arriving to the Century Park Law Group personal injury legal team. One of the steps in the journey is the landing page, which informs the user about the product or service, the call to action for how to contact the company, and incentives for reaching out.

To tout this success, we wrote a case study for MarketingSherpa about one of the landing pages we created that only had a minor difference (one with a full contact form for users to fill out, the other with only a phone number), and how just the slight variation resulted in a 53.2% better conversion rate. Read the full article to learn more.