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By Susan Guo

Glassdoor recently published a press release announcing their list of the best places to work in 2022 for companies with over 1,000 employees in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, and Germany. The list, generated based on companies’ overall rating during the past year, collected millions of reviews from anonymous employees covering thousands of companies.

One of the world’s top job search sites, Glassdoor houses tens of millions of anonymous reviews and valuable, well-condensed information, including hiring statistics, on millions of employees. With that in mind, what are companies with strong reviews doing right? What patterns should other companies observe and emulate in order to keep their own employee base happy? 

Winning Patterns for Top-Rated Companies

A Clear Long-Term Vision

Companies that do meaningful and growth-oriented work tend to attract passionate and hardworking employees – those who believe their work contributes to a bigger purpose beyond themselves. As such, it is important for companies to establish a long-term corporate vision so that employees see the value of their daily work as contribution toward that vision.

For example, employees at the No. 1-ranked company on the list, NVIDIA, believed they are doing innovative and meaningful work alongside passionate colleagues — and at an extremely fast pace. Employees need to be confident that their work drives results and that their achievements are recognized.

Employees Feel Valued by Leadership

Inherent in this vision is prioritizing the wellbeing of all employees. The best way to show employees that leadership at a company values their work and wellness is to consider their points of view and implement them whenever possible. At Bain & Company, reviews highlighted that the company valued and appreciated diversity of thought, resulting in a population of coworkers that supported each other’s growth and celebrate others’ successes.

According to Glassdoor, HubSpot’s culture proudly serves both its customer base and employees with remarkable transparency, autonomy, and accountability. The company produces “consistent employee net promoter scores” and then has a management team (Director-level and above) conduct a thorough review and take action on needs and “wants.” This shows the importance of leadership in being transparent in their efforts to build and adapt the company culture.

Prioritizing Giving Back

In today’s business environment, employees gravitate towards companies that integrate corporate social responsibility into their long-term vision, reinforcing meaningful causes with full commitment. CSR is multifaceted and comes in many forms: from keeping a watchful eye on carbon emissions to providing financial support to organizations helping the community or the disadvantaged. Or perhaps a company creates an employee volunteer corps and puts them to work on meaningful and impactful projects. Whichever path is taken, today’s workforce carefully observes authenticity in CSR programs, making it a driving force in employee loyalty and overall brand reputation.

In Summary… 

The patterns carrying company’s rankings to the top are not surprising, but are nonetheless critical. Employees want to do meaningful and innovative work, and know their leaders have a long-term vision mixed with short-term efficiency.

Top-ranked companies’ employees are cognizant of the purposeful work they do, and this has a positive trickle-down effect inspiring passion, growth and loyalty to their brands and organizations.