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Launched company’s entire digital presence
Over 68 million social media impressions in one year

“The Pollack Group executed high-quality deliverables and excelled at meeting the client’s digital marketing needs. Their efforts were crucial in driving brand awareness for the golf event. The client was impressed with their professionalism throughout, but especially when engaging with participants.”

Founder & CEO, Mike Flaskey Entertainment, Inc.

When former Diamond Resorts CEO Mike Flaskey launched his own experiential and live events marketing company in 2021, MF Entertainment (MFE), he tapped The Pollack Group to build the company’s digital presence.

Our LAB186 team built the company’s website, launched its social media platforms, supported logo design, created a branding guide, and positioned MFE and Mike Flaskey as leaders in the golf tournament and live sports, music and entertainment verticals.

The team also worked with Flaskey on his LinkedIn thought leadership platform, ghostwriting articles and positioning him as a thought leader in the vacationing, celebrity golf, experiential marketing, and live events industries.

Since the launch, the agency has provided social media and content creation, media relations, radio advertising, website design, and additional digital marketing support for MFE and its clients.

Projects include coordinating marketing and public relations efforts for the Ragin Country Crawl, a benefit concert in Lafayette, Louisiana, launching and running the social media presence for the Invited Celebrity Classic to the tune of over 68,000,000 combined social media impressions for 2022 and 2023’s events, and creating the event logo, website, and social media as well as conducting media relations outreach highlighting the inaugural Payne Stewart Invitational, and its charitable beneficiary, the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation.

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