Amplifying the Impact of Climate Change Technology

The world is dangerously close to climate tipping points, so it is crucial to invest in solutions that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere to reverse the impacts of climate change. VGrid Energy Systems is leading the way.

When The Pollack Group initially partnered with VGrid, the company had already successfully established several consumer products under its sub-brands, Scent Away and Persist Products. But there was a deeper story behind those products, so we developed an integrated campaign to help educate audiences and move VGrid away from a purely transactional relationship with consumers. It needed to increase awareness of its technology, enhance its corporate communications, and bolster its B2B marketing strategies to reach decision makers in agriculture, golf/turf, landscape, and more.

To best serve and accelerate e-commerce sales for Scent Away and lead generation for Persist, the agency assessed and optimized all existing marketing and sales collateral. This was to ensure that audience targeting, and conversion metrics were set up, integrated, and synced with each other. This allowed Google and Facebook to take every sale as a signal to optimize for the next sale. Every week, the agency reported to the client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), particularly Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and new monthly e-commerce subscribers. For Persist Products, we developed new initiatives that targeted large-scale farmers and golf course supervisors, launching landing pages and ad campaigns for industry leaders.

The agency served as VGrid’s news bureau, creating news and editorial content, and securing media interviews and placements. By providing clear, easily digestible messaging for its complex technology, TPG successfully increased VGrid brand awareness and increased its visibility in the marketplace.

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