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By The Pollack Group

The Worldcom Public Relations Group, of which The Pollack Group is an agency partner, recently unveiled its latest Worldcom Confidence Index, offering unparalleled insight into global leaders’ sentiments and confidence around notable workplace trends. What topics are receiving the most attention, and which areas inspire the most (or least) confidence with global leaders? Here are some of the most critical takeaways that are drawn from using AI to tap into the conversations of 80,000+ CEOs and CMOs around the world. Learn more about The Worldcom Confidence Index here.

DEI and Retaining Talent Top Of Mind

In January, the most-discussed topic among global CEOs and CMOs was Diversity and Inclusion (DEI), followed by retaining talent. However, since November, confidence in retaining talent decreased 2.67%, the second-biggest drop, reflecting ongoing uncertainty around the “Great Resignation” in the United States and globally.

Growing Confidence In Tech

From November to January, confidence in using technology to collaborate and innovate increased by 6.05%. This suggests that leaders see technology as the key tool to adapting to pandemic-caused shifts in customer expectations.

Uncertainty Over Hybrid And Flexible Working

Since November, confidence in this topic has decreased by 3.45%, the most of any topic. While leaders are growing more confident in the technology, this trend shows how they are still searching for an optimum solution for the new way of working.