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By The Pollack Group

The Worldcom Public Relations Group recently unveiled its latest Worldcom Confidence Index, offering unparalleled insight into how the last nine months of the pandemic has impacted global leaders and their organizations. What topics are receiving the most attention, and which areas are inspiring the most (or least) confidence with global leaders? Here are the critical takeaways drawn from using AI to tap into the conversations of 50,000+ CEOs and CMOs around the world.

An Increased Focus on People

Upskilling and reskilling for employees is now the topic that global leaders are most engaged about, showing how leaders have identified that future success will be tied to a workforce with skills to work effectively and across many different areas. However, this topic also saw the biggest decrease in confidence level over the last nine months. The takeaway? Reskilling is critical over the next decade, and leaders are feeling the pressure to ensure their workforce does not get left behind.

The second-most engaged topic is retaining talent. At a time where the pandemic has caused people to reassess what they want from their work life, leaders are more focused than ever on keeping their best talent. Like reskilling, confidence in retaining talent has dropped since April 2020.

More Attention On Environmental And Sustainability Issues

Engagement more than doubled regarding reducing plastics and other sustainability issues over the last nine months. As predicted by Worldcom’s experts, sustainability will continue to have massive importance in 2021 and leaders will need to sure they have clear and effectively strategies for communicating about these topics.

As Pandemic Wanes, Media Focus Will Rise

Leaders’ engagement with the role of the media has doubled since April, which confidence has slightly fallen. As media attention shifts away from governments’ handling of the pandemic, renewed media scrutiny will be directed at businesses and organizations. This attention presents an opportunity to demonstrate leadership, but also requires deft management as to avoid any mishaps and looking insensitive to the ongoing social and political issues in society.

Confidence In Tech Has Soared

An overnight shift to remote working has built confidence in organizations’ ability to use technology to its advantage. This confidence will remain long after the pandemic subsides, and newfound workplace tech trends will be here to stay as well.