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By The Pollack Group

The Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI) is a living study which uses a breakthrough approach powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which allows us to discover the issues that concern leaders globally – and their confidence levels in addressing them. Organized by the Worldcom Public Relations Group, of which The Pollack Group is a partner of, topics and sentiments are drawn from online conversations of over 54,000 CEOs and CMOs around the world.

July 2020’s WCI update had a number of data-driven observations from business leaders in 30 countries. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the global economy, July saw general improvements and signs of a slow return to normalcy. Here are a couple of month’s notable takeaways: 

•   Upskilling and reskilling remains the topic gaining most interest from CEOs and CMOs, while retaining talent is the topic with the second-highest increase in engagement levels.

•   While global confidence remains flat, countries emerging from lockdowns are seeing a surge in confidence. Confidence of leaders in China increased by 26% in July and countries in Europe saw similar gains, although the United States’ confidence increased only 8% in comparison.

•   Millennials have become the second-most confident age group, rising above Gen X and trailing only the 65+ group. Over the past month, use of technology to collaborate and innovate is the topic with the largest rise in confidence.

•   The importance of employee engagement to increase productivity is also a topic rising in confidence since June.

•   Influencers remain the group demanding the most attention from global leaders, followed by customers.

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