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By Amanda Sherman

Over the past few years, more and more platforms are implementing a Livestream component to their apps. TikTok and LinkedIn have recently added streaming features, while notable platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have incorporated streaming for years.

While this form of content is not new, the evolution of using Livestreaming as a marketing tool has a long way to go. While watching Twitch streams of video games has been around for years, the social form of Livestreaming has not been utilized to its fullest potential. Other than a standard Q&A, there has not been enough exploring using a Livestream as a mode of marketing. Given that more and more apps are implementing this feature, it is safe to say Livestreaming is not disappearing. Here are 10 ways to use Livestreaming as a form of social media marketing to amplify your brand and products.

Hang Loose

Livestreams can be intimidating because they are LIVE! Do not let that scare you! Create a bullet-pointed agenda of what you want to cover, and do not be afraid to refer to it. However, be sure to keep it at bullet points; writing out a whole script will feel robotic for viewers and less genuine. For example, let’s say you are a skincare company and plan to do a live stream of a skincare routine. It would help to have those bullet points to help you keep track of what you want to say about each product.

Show, Not Tell

The problem with those Q&A Livestreams is that it is a lot of talking. After a while, your audience can lose touch and disconnect. Keep it exciting! The skincare idea above does a great job of audience engagement by physically showing how the products go on the skin, rather than just sitting and talking about their benefits. Viewers have short attention spans, so use physicality to attract them.


One of the most significant issues people face with Livestreaming is how to best utilize time. Depending on what you do on a stream will vary in how long it could range. Because Livestreaming is so freeing, people tend to create longer-form content. This can sometimes detract potential viewers because not many people can take an hour out of their day to watch an interview. Make that skincare routine 10 minutes! Just because it is a Livestream, it does not mean it has to be long. Sometimes efficiency is the best form of engagement when streaming.

Do Not Jump The Gun

If you use Livestream to launch or announce something, it is suggested to build a slight delay. No, this does not mean you can start five minutes late; instead, join on time but build up anticipation. People will likely be late, and it is essential to wait for the audience count to grow steady before making an announcement. You will often see in those Q&A live streams that people never jump right into their first question the moment they hit start. Instead, people often wait a few minutes to attract a crowd. Depending on what you are using that particular Livestream for, decide if you will wait a few minutes.

Promote Your Stream

When Taylor Swift did the Livestream event announcing her 1989 album, it was not a surprise. She used social media days in advance to promote the event and build anticipation. Use your marketing skills to promote your video content, even if it is live! Sure, spontaneous live streaming is a fun surprise, but you may not get the turnout you hope to get, so even if you wait until the day of, giving a heads up allows people to clear their schedules and make time for your content.

It’s critical to leave your viewers with a call to action before the livestream ends


Once you finish your Livestream, promotion does not have to end there. Save and post the stream, allowing more and more viewers to watch it on their own time. People often forget to do this afterward, but it is so vital to expanding your audience.


A common Q&A live stream problem is that there is not always a reason why an audience should watch other than that they are a fan. Whether there is a raffle, reward, or a sneak peek at an upcoming project, it is essential to recognize that sometimes you have to give something to get something in return. This keeps the audience on their feet and keeps your content exciting.

Guest Stars

Use each other! People love to relate and watch people engage with others. Talk shows and podcasts are successful because people love watching human interaction! An additional face and voice add a fresh take and more interest to the stream, so do not feel like Livestreams are meant to be a one-person show.

Participation Points

Going off of the skincare routine example from earlier in this article, it is essential to engage with your audience. Ask for questions and comments in the comments section! Make it as though you are talking to your audience and read their input throughout your stream!

Call To Action

When ending a Livestream, it is vital to direct your audience to what they should do next. Remind them when a product is coming out and how to get it, or even tease when the next stream is. Leave your viewers wanting more as you wrap up the video.

There is so much potential with Livestreaming as a marketing tool, and we are just getting started. Do not be afraid to let your creativity run wild. The idea of Livestreaming can be intimidating for people who are used to doing multiple takes, but do not let that scare you. Use this feature to showcase your unfiltered self and to make your brand feel human.

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